property needing work

Whether you're looking for an investment property or a new home, properties which are in need of work may be of interest. Capital Property Lists search for these properties on your behalf. In our listings we include both properties which need complete refurbishment and those which need a much smaller amount of cosmetic updating.

Properties needing substantial amounts of work offer the largest savings and are more suited to builders and developers. The larger and more substantial the amount of work needed on a property the less easy it is for a private "end-user" to buy. It will be more difficult to finance the work unless you have a proven track record refurbishing properties. Also, if major work is required and the property is to be your principal residence then you may need somewhere else to live during the works.

End-Users There are many properties available which need modernisation or just cosmetic updating. Many purchasers are put-off buying these properties which appear to have little character because they cannot easily see the potential for upgrading often for a relatively small outlay. These properties will usually require improvements which may be possible whilst living in them: new kitchens, bathrooms, redecoration and installation of central heating.